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My little Aegon the Fifth. Also known as Aegon the Unlikely, Aegon the Fortunate, and as I call him…Egg. c:

Writing Traumatic Injuries References


So, pretty frequently writers screw up when they write about injuries. People are clonked over the head, pass out for hours, and wake up with just a headache… Eragon breaks his wrist and it’s just fine within days… Wounds heal with nary a scar, ever…

I’m aiming to fix…

This is important reading for anybody I know trying to write their own fictions. You can bend reality a bit for storytelling, but you only want to deviate slightly from reality - that means you still need to do your research. :3

It’s really very simple.  Last year I was working undercover, suburban surveillance, and the seller had a few kinks in his rep.  It seems that he’d only sell to transvestites.  So my partner and I shacked up.  I played the part of the buyer, and I found that wearing women’s clothes relaxed me.  I continued wearing them into the night.  My partner thought it was my consummate professionalism.  It was a very confusing two weeks.

So damn fierce.

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